In 1978, the JEL Representations appeared as an alternative to the barriers and high costs to import replacement spare parts to the National Textile Industries. The enterprising José Chicatto, started the activities of trade and machining of specifics spare parts of weaving loom and spinning machines.


With the time, the opening of Brazilian foreign trade and the necessity to enlarge the range of products and services, the company changed their activities to they can offer to all of your clients the best accessories and import spare parts to textile machines in the market. As part of the process of changes, in 1986 the company changed the name to J Chicatto Trade and Import.


Today, with 30 year of existence, the J Chicatto has clients in practically all the Brazilian states, always offer the best price and quality of your products and services.


With the objective to enlarge the number of clients and partners, the company promote a constantly work to increase the loyalty of the brand, making possible your growth year by year in the market of your performance.


With a guaranteed participation at the most important international and national fairs of the maintenance of textile machine market, the J Chicatto looks for update and constantly improve our products and services. Today, J Chicatto is the distributor and exclusive agent to the national market of 4 companies well know at the supply market of spare parts and textile accessories.


The J Chicatto develop your work based at the philosophy that the client is always in the first place, without measure efforts to the company be in total syntony with your partners.